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HIIT30 Influencer Program

Are you interested in getting HIIT30 for free? Do you have an engaged social media following who you have an influence on?

If so, apply for the HIIT30 Influencer Program!

What is it?

The HIIT30 Influencer Program is an opportunity to get HIIT30 for FREE in exchange of you spreading the word about HIIT30 to all of your followers!

How does it work?

Fill out this application here.
Once approved, you’ll be granted access to HIIT30 for free as long as you commit to the guidelines listed below.

HIIT30 Influencer Program Guidelines

  1. Have a combined social media following of 1,000 followers or more
  2. Post content related to HIIT30 at a minimum of 4x per month (or 1x per week)
  3. Use the hashtags #JennyJFitness #HIIT30 and tag @jennyjfitness in each post

What do you get out of it?

  1. FREE HIIT30!!!
  2. Coupon code for your followers to use to receive 30 days free
  3. Marketing materials to post on your social media sites

If interested, apply here to be considered. You will be contacted within 1 week if approved.


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