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FitLIFE Challenge



Introducing my 21 Day FitLIFE Challenge - a 3-week challenge and online coaching course to help you take control of your eating, your workouts, and your life!




Get access to my 3-week online coaching course, worksheets, private support group, and one-on-one coaching!

Ever wanted to have a personal Health & Fitness Coach right at your fingertips?

Now you can!

With over 5 years of working in the fitness industry and having helped hundreds of clients through my online challenges, I have put together my very best fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle tips in a total body package!

  • Master clean eating, learn how to portion control, and create a custom meal plan based on your goals
  • Eliminate the "Evil 5" that lead to inflammation and weight gain: gluten, dairy, alcohol, added sugar, and processed foods
  • Get my personal insider tips on how to stay healthy with a busy schedule and tight budget


What You'll Learn

Unlike other programs on the market, my 21 day challenge gives you an immersive experience. You'll get access to a 3-week online coaching course complete with daily video lessons, downloadable worksheets, and exclusive access to a private Facebook support group. It gives you the ultimate package for success!



Week 1 is where we set the foundation for success - learning to eat right! You'll learn how to customize your meal plan based on YOUR body. That's right - no more guessing! Finally get a personalized meal plan that I help you create using my 5-Step Formula. You'll also receive my FitLIFE meal prep tips, clean eating approved list, and grocery shopping guide! 


Week 2 - MEAL PREPPING 101

Have a crazy busy schedule? Learn how to meal prep delicious healthy foods in bulk to save time and dollar bills! You'll also receive my FitLIFE grocery shopping guide and recipes!


Week 3 - FITNESS

Learn what workouts you should be doing based on your body type and my best tips on how to fit it in when life gets in the way! You'll also receive a free 30-day workout plan to follow!


Join The Challenge Now



Stop loathing yourself...start LOVING yourself!

The biggest struggle that I see my Clients having is starting and stopping programs and never achieving the results they want! Take it from me since I used to call myself a "serial yo yo dieter." Just a few years ago, I was twenty pounds heavier than I am now and couldn't fit into my favorite jeans. 

What I realized, after years of trial and error, was that if you really want to see results, you have to get in the driver's seat of your own life and steer it in the right direction.


In the FitLIFE Challenge, I provide you with a roadmap and GPS to help you navigate through the confusion and get you to your final destination - a killer body!


21 Day Challenge To Change Your Life

My goal is to help you feel EMPOWERED to live a life of health and happiness! I don't want you to go another summer feeling insecure in a bathing suit...or shameful of your uncontrollable eating habits...or feel like you're a slave to calorie counting!


I will teach you how to make this a LIFESTYLE!

  • Past Challengers have lost weight, increased their energy, and learned to LOVE their new healthy habits!
  • With 5+ years experience as a certified fitness professional and online Fitness + Lifestyle Expert, I've worked with all ages, fitness levels, and health backgrounds
  • From personal experience, I know what it feels like to be overweight, lacking confidence, and discouraged. Whatever goal you have, it is 100% possible if you commit and invest in yourself. Do this for YOU!


Don't Wait Before It's Too Late



Mindset & Motivation Coaching Videos

At the end of the day, we want to feel good about ourselves. But it doesn't help when we look good physically but feel like crap mentally. I teach you how to uncover your INNER beauty as you continue to work on your OUTER self. 


Private FB Support Group For Extra Accountability

Hands down, having a support group is PRICELESS. Connect with other FitLIFERS who are in the Challenge with you and get even more bonus content from me, including weekly FB LIVE Q&As!


FitLIFE Planner

Download or print a FitLIFE planner to help you set your fitness goals and create an action plan to get you there! This is also where you can track your before and after measurements as you cinch down and tone up!


Lifetime Access

Even after the 3 weeks are over, you will have lifetime access to all my videos, worksheets, bonus resources, and support group! It's not just another 3-week quick fix, it's a lifestyle change!


Your Spot Is Waiting For You



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