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Slay Those Fitness Goals With HIIT30

Say YES To A Beautiful, Bold, Bangin' You

Introducing HIIT30, a muscle toning and cardio conditioning program designed to blast fat and build lean toned muscle in less than 30 minutes a day. For less than $1/day, receive online personal training, a no-guesswork workout plan, and body-loving results - guaranteed.

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What is HIIT30?

If it’s not obvious by the name, HIIT30 is high intensity interval training in 30 minutes or less. This program is designed to help you train SMARTER in LESS time, so that you can still watch Netflix, have a social life, AND save those dollar bills.

Burn More Calories AF

Killer Cardio + Muscle Toning = Afterburn Heaven! Or, in scientific terms...excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. If you ask Alexa (or Siri), it basically means you’ll be burning more calories even after the workout is over!

No More Excuses To Get It In

You got shizz to do, that’s why HIIT30 can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Use whatever device you’d like to stream your full-length workout videos. Plus, you’ll receive a downloadable PDF for easy travel and convenience.

Join The Tribe

When the struggle gets real, vibing with like-minded women helps you realize you’re not alone on this journey. You’ll get exclusive access to the HIIT30 membership site plus a private FB group to post your sweaty selfies and find much needed inspiration.

Who Is This Chick?

I’m Jenny. I’m just like you, someone who has struggled with weight and self-confidence issues for way too long. In my past life, I was a partier, yo-yo dieter, Yogurtland addict, and someone who had NO IDEA what to do in the gym or how to lose weight. With 5 years under my belt as an Online Coach, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and soon-to-be Precision Nutrition Coach, I’ve turned my past struggles into opportunities to help women just like you transform their health, happiness, and confidence! HIIT30 is the ultimate solution that brings together my personal training, fun total body workouts, and social accountability - all-in-one.

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Cause The Same Shizz Gets Boring

Keeping your workouts fresh will make sure your body avoids that dreaded weight loss plateau and keep that metabolism burning! With HIIT30, you'll NEVER repeat the same workout, EVER. 

Plus, it’s more FUN! As TSwift would say...ready for it??

"I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best personal trainers that Los Angeles has to offer and Jenny stands out. I am beyond grateful for her knowledge and ability to help me reach my fitness goals while knowing my limits and how far she can push them. She is energetic, motivating and keeps the intensity high giving you optimal results. You will not be disappointed with Jenny J’s workouts!"


"Jenny’s workout had me sore for days! It is a full body, high-intensity cardio class and if you know me, I DO NOT. BUT, Jenny kicked my butt and I enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve been hooked ever since!"


"I DEFINITELY owe it to you for getting me into the habit, actually KEEPING IT, and helping me discover ways to personally hold myself accountable, so thank you again SO much!! I think I'm really in for the long haul this time :)"


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

HIIT30 will give you “after pic”-worthy results, as long as you do it. However, if you aren't crazy about it, you can cancel anytime or get a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of your 1st month.


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HIIT30 is launching January 2018! Be the first to try out my new program and receive a 30 Day Free Trial as a THANK YOU!