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Get Stronger at Home

Want a fit, toned, and strong body from home? Now you can with JJF On Demand - a digital fitness studio where you can stream Jenny's fun high-energy classes anytime, anywhere. 

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Meet Your Instructor

Jenny Jaucian is a leading fitness, health, and wellness expert having helped thousands of people through in-person training, group fitness classes, online challenges, and workout videos. She is the creator of JJF On Demand and can be seen leading fitness videos for Beachbody LIVE, Herbalife, Bowflex, and more. 

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Results-Driven Workouts

Every workout is designed to help you burn stubborn fat, build lean muscle, rev your metabolism.

Expert Guidance

Receive expert coaching and motivation every time you push play.

Real-Time Fun & High Energy

Get motivated by Jenny's contagious energy to push through your excuses!

Elite Fitness Training Right at your Fingertips

For the price of your oat milk latte, get access to the best classes on your phone, laptop, or TV that you can access anytime, anywhere. 

Your "No Excuse" Workout Plan You'll Never Get Bored With

With new classes being uploaded every month, you'll get to choose from a variety of different workouts from circuit training to restorative yoga. Check out the featured classes below.


Burn major calories in this fast-paced HIIT class where you move in sync with the latest chart-topping hits!

Dance Cardio

Pump up your cardio routine by learning professionally choreographed dance routines to the latest jams. Easy-to-follow and no dance experience required!

Sweat Circuits

Get an all-in-one strength and cardio circuit-style class to burn fat and build lean muscle. 

"I absolutely love this program! It has been 1 week of eating better and working out and I have already lost 3 pounds! It’s absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see what the next 3 weeks holds! Bettering myself has never felt so good!"

Abigail M.
On Demand Member

"I love Jenny's positive energy and motivating style. I appreciate that when I felt "behind" I wasn't shamed and instead I was encouraged to keep going."

On Demand Member

"Jenny's Demand Videos contain a number of well thought out workout routines every week that strengthen your upper body, upper body, and core. You'll see the transformation in your body strength each week. I could do this in 30 min and it was perfect to fit my busy life juggling kids at home and work. "

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