5 Tips to make Halloween Health(ier)

fitness lifestyle nutrition Oct 25, 2023

Here are some simple tricks to make Halloween healthier this year: 

1. Choose bite-sized candy over full-sized candy:

Practice moderation by choosing bite-sized candy rather than full-sized candy bars. Sugar can be included in an overall healthy lifestyle, but you must consider the DOSE!

2. Skip the candies you don’t care about:

Don’t really care for candy corns or Milky Ways? Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you need to have it. Be picky with the candies you do want to indulge in and choose the 1-2 candies you absolutely love while you forgo the rest.


3. Mix in balanced meals and snacks

Regular your blood sugar and insulin by pairing candy with nutrient-dense food. Consider having a healthy balanced meal that contains a good source of protein and healthy fats before you eat your treats.

4. Hand out Trick or Treat candy alternatives

Consider handing out spider rings, temporary tattoos, bubbles, or stickers instead of candy. We can all do our part in creating a healthier society!

5. Consider today a “TREAT” Day, NOT a “CHEAT” Day

Remember, ONE day doesn’t ruin progress. Allow yourself the freedom to treat yourself today, then get back on track tomorrow. Consider donating your candy rather than letting it tempt you all week long in the pantry.


Have fun!




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