5 Tips to Manage a Calorie Deficit

fitness lifestyle nutrition Oct 18, 2023

Want to lose weight but struggling to maintain a calorie deficit to do so? Here are 5 tips to help:


👉 Make it gradual

Severe calorie restriction will backfire on you. Slowly decrease your calories anywhere between 100-500 calories per week (this number will vary depending on your starting point and how much weight you need to lose).


👉 Make sure you’re at a healthy calorie range to begin with

If your maintenance calorie range is below 1,600 and you’re wanting to create a calorie deficit from there, a calorie deficit may be difficult for you. You may need to increase your maintenance calorie range before attempting a deficit.


👉 Phase it out

You can’t be in a calorie deficit forever. You may need to approach weight loss in phases. For example, 3 months of a calorie deficit followed by 3 months of maintenance. This will ensure you’re keeping your hormones and metabolism healthy and happy.


👉 Make sure 80% of your calorie consumption is coming from real whole food

Maintaining a calorie deficit off of weight loss shakes, meal delivery kits, bars, and energy drinks is going to feel terrible for you. You’ll most likely be nutritionally deprived and hungry. Make sure your food is whole, nutrient-dense, and fiber rich.


👉 Track your food

If you’re not losing weight, it means you’re not in a calorie deficit. Tracking your food can give you a more accurate representation than simply eye-balling it.


✨ Remember:

Just focusing on calories ALONE is just one aspect to achieving weight loss. You have to also consider food quality, quality sleep, and managing stress to name a few.


Need more tips? My 5 Steps for Success - Ultimate Guide for Weight Loss blog elaborates how you can achieve better results on your fitness journey!

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