How to Get More Motivation

fitness lifestyle Nov 01, 2023

I recently did a poll for my community asking what they think they need in order to reach their health and fitness goals. A huge majority of my audience said that they need more motivation and asked me how to get more of it.

To be quite frank, this is the wrong answer and let me tell you why.

You already have the motivation. If you’re desiring to lose weight, get stronger, and get healthier, you already have motivation.


The REAL thing that I believe women who are struggling to reach their goals needs is better habits, stronger boundaries, and a bulletproof accountability system.


Here’s what I mean…

  • You don't need more motivation to resist cookies, you need to create a better HABIT of buying fruit instead of cookies from the grocery store.

  • You don’t need more motivation to resist the burgers and fries at happy hour, you need to set stronger boundaries around what you will or will not eat when you’re out with friends.

  • You don’t need more motivation to meal plan, you need to create a “painful outcome” that will happen if you DON’T do something. For example, you'll have to miss going to the Beyonce concert if you don't hit your goal (this was a real agreement with one of my clients and it worked!).


Once you really understand this, you’ll start to ask BETTER questions. Better questions will lead to better results.

Stop using motivation as an excuse for not being where you want to be and start implementing better habits, boundaries, and accountability.




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