Normalizing the Fact that Health Doesn't Always Equal Leanness

fitness lifestyle Aug 16, 2023

A big problem I see struggling women make is using their body weight as an indicator of health. In other words, the smaller the #, the healthier they are. The bigger the #, the unhealthier they are.

And I get it. We're bombarded with messages every day to solidify this belief that the smaller you are, the better you are.


But let me ask every "bigger bodied" person unhealthy? No.

Is every "smaller bodied" person healthy? No.


So if you continue to believe this, you may actually spiral down a path of over-obsession with weight and take UNHEALTHY measures to achieve what you perceive as healthy. No bueno.

So how do you actually get healthy then, if we don't use weight as an indicator of health?

You can focus instead on:

  • the quality of your food.
  • how much weight you can lift.
  • how many hrs of sleep you get a night.
  • your outlook on life.
  • your water intake.
  • how often you move your body.

 The list goes on.


Let's normalize the fact that health doesn't always equal leanness, and vice versa. You can have a bigger body that's healthy. And you can have a smaller body that's not healthy.

Let's just commit to living our best healthy lives and love the bodies that we were born with.


So let me ask you really want to keep thinking that a lower body weight is going to actually make you healthy?

Or, do you want to focus instead on doing healthier behaviors (listed above) that actually make you healthy?


Jenny J

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