Prevent Overeating with This Mindfulness Trick

fitness lifestyle nutrition Nov 08, 2023

Holidays are in full swing which means we have way more opportunities to overeat on all of the delicious holiday treats!

If you’re committed to your health and fitness goals, here is one tip that can help you from overeating.


Practicing mindfulness during eating simply means to become more aware of what you’re doing. In other words, remove all distractions and make eating the one and only event you’re paying attention to!

This means shutting off the TV, putting the phone down, and really becoming aware of how you feel while you’re eating.

How you can practice more mindfulness while eating:

  • Set a timer during one of your meals. Record how long it takes you to eat, and then commit to extending the time it takes to eat by 5-10 minutes longer. This practice will help you to eat slower and digest your food more properly.

  • Eat slower. Chew your food completely and pause in between bites.

  • Act like a food connoisseur. Smell your food, take note of the textures and taste in your mouth. Notice how your appetite transitions from hungry, to content, to satisfied, and finally, to full.


I hope these tips help!




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