Stop Expecting an Overnight Transformation!

fitness lifestyle nutrition Sep 13, 2023

Quick fixes (aka overnight transformations) never last. If you REALLY want to change your health, body, and life, it requires habit change.

Here are a few ways you can slowly incorporate more positive habits into your life today:

⚡ Habit Stack

Stack a new habit onto an already existing habit. For example, if you want to start your day with a big glass of lemon water, stack it on top of your morning coffee routine.

⚡ Focus on one new habit at a time

Trying to take on too much all at once can be too hard to actually maintain long-term. Master 1 new habit (such as a 10 minute walk) for at least 7-14 days before attempting a new habit.

⚡ Lower your expectations

If you're not working out at all, committing to a 30 minute workout every day might be too aggressive to start. Consider making it a habit to move your body for at least 5-10 minutes each day. Once you've mastered that habit, then you can extend the time duration for longer.

⚡ Make the habit exciting and compelling

If your goal is to eat more fruits and veggies but they're stuffed and hidden in your fridge drawers, it may not be too appealing to eat. Make the habit more exciting/alluring by cutting them up, displaying them in glass containers, and putting it at eye level in the fridge. You'll be more likely to grab it if it's within eyesight. 


⚡ Make bad habits harder to do

If you want to stop eating junk food, make it really hard to do. Rather than keeping it in the pantry ready to grab and chow down, commit to not buying it for a week so you don't have it in the house. When that craving hits, the inconvenience of going to the store to satisfy the craving can prevent you from eating the junk food.



Habits take time.
 Don't expect yourself to change your life overnight.

Commit to 1% of progress each day
 and watch your life change.


Jenny J

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