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The BIGGEST Secret to Staying in Shape

fitness Apr 28, 2021

There are a few key differences between people who STAY in shape and people who end up falling off track time and time again.

Having been on both sides of the coin, I want to provide my 3 best tips on the “secret” to staying in shape.


What I mean by that is make it as painless as possible. Driving to the gym, figuring out what to wear, and scrolling through different videos to find the perfect routine all make the process of exercise a lot harder than you need it to be.

Consider working out from home (if you’re not already), have your clothes already laid out, and find a workout plan that’s aligned with your goals and already laid out for you.


2. ACT “AS IF”

An activity that I like my clients to do is “ACT AS IF” they’ve already achieved their goal.

Ask yourself this:

“Imagine you’ve achieved your goal (e.g. lost 20 pounds, hit 25% body fat, ran a mile without stopping). What would you have done to achieve it?”

You might say something like, “I would’ve worked out 5 days a week,” “I would’ve replaced chips and soda with a side salad and water,” or “I would’ve made sure to go on a 30 min walk/jog 3 times a week.”

The answers that you come up with are the THINGS YOU NEED TO DO to achieve the goal.

This activity shows you that you already KNOW what to do, you just gotta do it! When you act AS IF you’ve already achieved your goal, sooner or later you do.



Stop trying to do this on your own. If you want to have something you’ve never achieved before, learn from an expert who’s done what you want to do and learn from them!

That brings me to some really exciting news! JJF On Demand is getting a makeover...all new workouts and programs to help you get fit. Now is your chance to LOCK IN the cheapest membership all year because in just a few weeks, prices will be increasing!


Stop wasting time doing workouts that are long and boring!

You don’t have to workout LONGER, you just have to workout SMARTER. It’s time you invest in your health so that you can feel amazing and confident in your body this summer!




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